LONGi Unveils the Hi-MO N Bifacial Module

LONGi, a Chinese manufacturer of photovoltaics and a developer of solar projects, has unveiled the Hi-MO N – its first bifacial module with N-type TOPCon cells. Hi-MO N maintains the optimal 182 mm cell and 72 c module size and adopts LONGi’s proprietary HPC technique based on N-type TOPCon (high-performance cell with hybrid passivated contact). […]

Pearce Renewables Acquires Mortenson Energy Services

Pearce Renewables, a company that specializes in engineering, operations and maintenance for renewable energy infrastructure, has acquired Mortenson Energy Services LLC (MES).  Mortenson Energy Services says it provides renewable energy repair and maintenance services and is known in the wind industry for corrective maintenance, blade repair, and major and mid-level component exchange, as well as […]

Bank OZK Commences Construction on Arkansas Solar Plant

Bank OZK, a regional bank headquartered in Little Rock, Ark., has broken ground on a $6 million solar power plant.  Once complete, the 4.8 MW array will produce enough electricity to power Bank OZK’s new corporate headquarters in Little Rock and up to 40 Bank OZK locations throughout Arkansas. Currently, it is the largest renewable […]

Scenic Hill Solar begins construction on 4.8-MW solar array for Arizona bank chain

As part of its sustainable energy initiative, Bank OZK broke ground Thursday on its Arkansas-based 4.8-MW solar power plant. Once complete, the array will produce enough electricity to power the bank’s new corporate headquarters in Little Rock and up to 40 Bank OZK locations throughout the state. Scenic Hill Solar, of North Little Rock, Arkansas,… […]

California assembly bill attempting to alter net-metering credits fails to move forward

California assembly bill 1139, which was an attempt to allow utilities to charge rooftop solar customers a monthly fee and alter net-metering credits, failed yesterday, as lead author Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) failed to gather enough votes to move it through assembly. The solar industry dubbed the bill the “utility profit grab bill.” Solar advocacy… […]