Four more solar projects announced in Duke Energy Florida territory

Duke Energy Florida just announced four new solar projects that will begin construction in 2022. The four new sites: The 74.9-MW Hildreth Solar Power Plant in Suwannee County, Florida, will use bifacial solar panels on trackers. The 74.9-MW Bay Ranch Solar Power Plant in Bay County, Florida, will use bifacial solar panels on trackers. The… […]

SMA adds advanced string monitoring and other features to Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverter

SMA America has released an update to the Sunny Tripower CORE1. The update not only includes multiple innovative offerings — such as an intelligent IV curve diagnostic and advanced string monitoring — but also features that increase reliability and power production. One enhancement is SMA’s intelligent IV curve diagnostic, which tests the health of the… […]

Palmetto looks to streamline residential solar proposals with new service

Clean energy technology company Palmetto launched a new service it claims can generate a solar proposal with a system design within 60 seconds of entering a homeowner’s utility information. An “Instant Proposal” determines the viability of solar based on an address, as well as the potential dollar savings of installing solar technology. The proprietary data… […]

Florida solar installer continues to work through the storms, pandemic and a tornado

December 16, 2020, was already an atypical day of year-end operations for Florida-based contractor Solar Source (No. 209 on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list). The company was rounding out the year of adapting to installing solar in a global pandemic, which resulted in steady sales in pool and water heating and a slight decrease… […]

Florida installer hopes to leave lasting legacy on community through charitable causes

Of the many cultural virtues, kindness and charity would be associated with Florida installer Solar-Fit, no question. President Bill Gallagher started the company in 1975 and still feels pride for everything Solar-Fit (No. 318 on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list) has accomplished, from the almost 20,000 projects installed to the support shown to both… […]

Derecho disaster forces Iowa installer to change plans in 2020

In August 2020, Iowa solar installation outfit Energy Consultants Group (No. 330 on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list) was just finishing a long list of repair orders after two major hail storms moved through the area. Although a few solar panels did see hail damage, ECG was busier removing and reinstalling solar systems so… […]

California contractor nails hospital solar design despite tight squeeze

Sun Light & Power (No. 223 on the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list) has installed solar on many different roof types in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tile roofs, shingled roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs — the Berkeley-based installer has seen them all in the last 45 years. But none were such a tight squeeze… […]