Roll-A-Rack to Unveil Portable Racking Solution

Acme Express Inc., a technology company that develops applications for renewable energy industries, says it will soon unveil its faster, lower-cost, ballasted solar-racking solution.

Acme Express Inc., dba Roll-A-Rack, will unveil its first portable, roll-forming machine in October at its virtual SPI 2020 showroom. The new roll-forming machine has been built by the company’s manufacturing partner, New Tech Machinery in Denver, Colo.

Like seamless rain gutters, which are cut to length on each installation site by a portable roll-forming machine, Roll-A-Rack produces custom solar racking on-site and on-demand. The new system simplifies the solar racking supply chain, eliminates waste and speeds installation time.

“Roll-A-Rack brings a solar racking factory to each installation site,” says Don Scipione, president and founder of Roll-A-Rack. “There are dramatic savings in time, planning and material costs, and the system accommodates all those inevitable last-minute design changes.”

Roll-A-Rack is seeking 10 developers or solar installers to help refine the installation processes. Roll-A-Rack product development research is funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.

For more information about becoming a beta tester, click here.

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