Solarific Solar Solution


What We Do?

Day after Day you continue to consume power, that equals a HUGE electric BILL. However, Solar Energy is an outlet to put a STOP to ongoing payments.

There are Thousands of homeowners across the GLOBE SAVING on their Power Bill. Homeowners appreciate the TAX benefits and increase the value of your HOME.

The WORLD is embracing the opportunities to REDUCE or COMPLETELY ELIMINATE your Power Bill. Local POWER companies are offering upto $4500 in REBATES to those who choose solar and Receive a FEDERAL TAX CREDIT of 26% before the end of the year.

What's The cost of SOLAR?

Tax credits, grants, SRECs, and loans, solar is very affordable. Studies have proven that many residential solar installations have an estimated payback under 10 years = Decades of free electricity.

CURB Appeal?

Solar panels are eye-catching on houses with the panels serving as a testament to SMART-Thinking, Environmental-Friendly, or investment.

Can a system under perform?

Our Guarantee, ensure you that we will provide the proper solar system that you can reply on for your family needs. We assure you that going solar is a wise investment and a fantastic ROI.

Benefits of Solar for Your Home

⦿ Eliminate an Expense

Don’t be bonded to your electric bill; take control by switching to solar energy.

⦿ Future Value

Free electricity = Eliminate your Electric Bill.

⦿ Tax Benefits

Tax incentives reduce your taxes, making solar even more beneficial.

⦿ Increase Home Value

Studies have proven that a Solar Energy System can add $15,000 to your home’s value. Homes with a SOLAR SYSTEM are considered as a premium for Home Buyers.

How Long Does it Take?

Your Solar Consultant will set up a FREE consultation with you to discuss your requirements & goals. Information will be collected for your quote, with a strategic Energy Audit and Analysis (current energy usage, possible locations for the solar panels, and location of your home’s electrical components.)
Within 3 days, a quote will be provided for you. It will include incentives, ROI, payback, savings over 30 years & Project Cost. Also, an aerial image will be provided, so you'll get a visual of how the system will look on your home.
The Contract will be signed, once you’ve made the decision to move forward with the project. You'll be assigned a Project Manager to collect any additional information required to get construction moving.
We'll take care of the paperwork for the required permits; contract details & provide the project materials. Most projects will have a 2-4 months period between contract and construction. Your project manager will keep you up to date.
There will be a Foreman assigned as well as your project manager, will keep the project flowing without interrupting your home. Updates will be provided to keep you comfortably informed. NOTE: Most residential systems are completed in a couple of days. Yet, depending on your project’s size and the weather during the installation, it could take a little longer construction time.

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